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We produce Darrieus-type vertical small wind turbines, featuring innovative soft blades design with a near-frictionless architecture, low noise emissions and best-in-class performance.

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Small wind turbine generator with an installed capacity of 20 kW
Designed for on-grid power supply of small and medium energy consumers. Vertical ultra-light turbine is effecient in diverse regions under variable wind conditions.

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Freen-H55 kW


Here are the key advantages of Freen turbines that make them so versatile and suitable for all sorts of green energy projects.


Our turbines are designed with cost concerns in mind, which translates into a competitive price for every unit and a relatively low initial investment for any business considering a start in the energy sector or looking for an opportunity to expand their current energy portfolio.

Ease of manufacturing

Our EU factory is capable of producing over 4,000 wind turbines per year, which means that we can stand up to any challenge and fulfill the most demanding orders without compromising on quality. Most of our turbines’ components are designed and manufactured. by Freen.

Massive scalability

One of the key design features of Freen turbines is the option for integrating multiple units into a single microgrid or hybrid project including energy storage and alternative power generation capabilities, which can provide a fast-to-implement and efficient solution for large energy consumers.

On the technical side of things, all Freen turbines bring a lot to the table for any discerning consumer seeking a wind energy product with a Tesla-like appeal, simplicity and ease of ownership.

Visit our wind products page for detailed information about our small wind turbines.

Freen turbines

Advantages of Darrieus turbines

Our product design is deeply rooted in the invention made by Georges Jean Marie Darrieus, a French aeronautical engineer, almost a century ago. Over time, the original design underwent countless modifications and improvements to eventually be embodied in what we can proudly call the most efficient small wind turbine of this type on the market. Here is what makes our Darrieus turbines stand out from the competition:

Ease of installation in close proximity to residential buildings (even on rooftops).

Suitability for remote regions with inconsistent wind patterns or severe weather conditions.

Turbine portability that allows for easy wind farm performance optimization.

Exceptional wind farm scalability for ad hoc power output adjustments.

Minimal number of friction components leading to increasing turbine lifetime.

Who we are

Freen is a rising star in the wind energy industry and the manufacturer of cutting-edge small wind turbines boasting the highest kinetic/electric power conversion ratio in today’s market. Our proprietary designs are based on years of tedious R&D work, field experiments, and continuous improvement of countless components and materials.

Based in the EU with easy access to major transportation hubs, the Freen factory is fully equipped with the latest high-precision machinery capable of producing over 4,000 small wind turbines per year. Our facilities and processes are fully certified according to the most stringent European and international standards.

Our manufacturing expertise

Freen is more than just a successful manufacturer of small wind turbines under its own brand. Our impressive production capacities and large engineering team make us a vendor of choice for any company considering its own line of wind energy products and spare parts.

All you need to do is provide your own designs — or have us do the heavy lifting for you and cover the entire range of product engineering activities from A to Z.

Our talented

Freen’s 80-person-strong team is the force that keeps our company continuously moving forward. The majority of our lead engineers, technologists, and production managers have more than 10 years of hands-on experience working on the most challenging manufacturing projects for various industries.

Our strong background in wind energy combined with our long-standing experience in metal assembly manufacturing, sheet metal processing, precision welding and CNC machining of complex turbine components makes us the go-to vendor for any company.

Learn more about our history, mission, and achievements.
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Freen is backed by a diverse pool of investors interested in reaping the benefits of the rapidly developing green energy market. We are always looking for regional distributors in every corner of the world.

Basic requirements for applicants

Sustainable financial position of the distribution company

Knowledge of the local consumer patterns, markets, and legislations

Strong experience in sales, from preparing RFPs to closing a deal

Freen Wind products’ presentation at trade exhibitions, events, and roadshows

Preparing sales forecasts, budgets, account strategies for the assigned region

Experience in post-sales product support is preferable

Benefits of Freen Wind Reseller Program

Special pricing & production queue loading priority

Leverage our flexible discounts at points of sale and get prompt service, as our qualified resellers get their orders processed in the highest priority and in accordance with shipping terms.

Warranty & maintenance workshops

Dive into the distribution process without hassle by enrolling to our free, qualifiied training on installation and warranty services.

Full-scale support from the manufacturer

Benefit from the unparalleled level of service with our extended warranty program that includes special replacement offers for spare parts.

Expert marketing coverage

Get up-to-date templates for the essential digital and printed materials, branded in accordance with the latest design guidelines and best practices, and the necessary online exposure from us.

Partner with us to drive sustainability and unlock new revenue streams.

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