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Design and engineering
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Our success rests on three pillars:

our talented engineers

our vision of the future

our unflagging commitment to making wind energy affordable and ubiquitous

Turnkey energy parks and microgrids

Freen offers a comprehensive range of professional services for designing and building modern microgrids and energy parks, including conventional wind farms and hybrid solutions that combine wind, solar and other sources of renewable energy for improved power generation continuity and reliability.

Our engineering team possesses an invaluable hands-on experience in completing such wind projects, as:

Turn-key wind farms

Conventional on-grid or off-grid wind farms used for internal energy consumption and/or selling energy on the local market.

Turn-key hybrid parks

Wind parks comprised of several renewable energy sources, such as wind and solar, used commercially or for personal consumption.

Turn-key microgrids

High tech energy parks relying on various green energy sources and energy storage capacities for autonomous off-grid operation.

We cover the entire range of activities associated with new wind farm projects.

Project assessment, estimation, and development of all required documentation


Optional customization of standard turbines to specific client requirements


Turbine manufacturing, shipping and installation at the designated site


Post-installation configuration, fine-tuning, as well as long-term support and maintenance

Designed with simplicity and scalability in mind, all Freen products are perfect building blocks for conventional and hybrid energy parks of any scale and complexity, whether on- or off-grid. Suitable for installation on virtually any terrain and in areas with varying wind patterns, our small Darrieus-type turbines demonstrate an outstanding power generation efficiency and the highest kinetic-to-electrical energy conversion ratio in the industry.

Whether if you are working on a brand-new hybrid power generation facility or would like to add wind options to expand the capacity of an existing one, you may find it worthwhile to consider the key advantages that make Freen turbines so versatile and suitable for all types of green energy projects.


Our turbines are designed with cost concerns in mind, which translates into a competitive price for every unit and a relatively low initial investment for any business considering a start in the energy business or looking for an opportunity to expand their current energy portfolio.

Ease of manufacturing

Our EU factory is capable of making over 4,000 wind turbines a year, which means that we can stand up to any challenge and fulfill the most demanding orders without compromising on quality. Most of our turbines’ components are designed and manufactured by Freen.

Massive scalability

A unique feature of Freen turbines is the option for combining multiple turbines into a single microgrid that can ultimately replace conventional large turbines that cost a fortune and take forever and a day to get made and installed.

On the technical side of things, all Freen turbines bring a lot to the table for any discerning consumer seeking a wind energy product with a Tesla-like appeal, simplicity, and ease of ownership.

Looking for a vendor who can help your energy business grow and diversify? Or are you browsing the market for a dependable manufacturer of premium-quality turbine components? If so, Freen is the name to put on your speed dial. Contact us for a detailed tour of our services and a free custom quote for your order.


Custom wind
product design

In addition to providing expertise in designing and building wind farms from the ground up for clients in every corner of the world, Freen offers its production capacity and manufacturing know-how to any company seeking to launch or expand its line of wind energy products.

With our state-of-the-art, high-precision machinery and vast experience in complex product development we are fully equipped to manufacture a wide range of top-quality turbine components, metal assemblies, and other essential elements of wind-related hardware.

Customized Freen turbines

Take advantage of our flexibility. Should you have any special requirements for an upcoming project, we will modify our standard turbine models to meet your requirements in full.

OEM manufacturing

Leverage the impressive potential of our manufacturing facility and hire us to fulfill your OEM production orders of any complexity based on your designs.

Custom product design

Entrust the production of non-standard, high-precision components to Freen for industry-leading quality and predictable business outcomes.

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